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CPPC Advertising Rates for display on the

CPPC web site, www.claimsnet.org,

as of September 1, 2013


Home Page - Prime Top Center Rotating Picture Flash Pricing List:

 Ad Position  Ad Size  Price for 30 days Price for 60 days 
 Flash Position # 1  Width 500px - Height 218 px  $200.00 $300.00 
 Flash Position # 3  Width 500px - Height 218 px  $185.00 $280.00 
 Flash Position # 5  Width 500px - Height 218 px  $150.00 $225.00 


Home Page Lower Right Margin Flash Ad Pricing:

 Ad Position Size  Price for 30 Days 
 Random Rotating Position  Aprox: Width 220px X Height 220px  $50.00


* * * Member Page - Left Margin Flash Ad Pricing: 

 Ad Position  Ad Size  Price for 30 days Price for 60 days 
 Flash Position # 1  Width 218px - Height 218 px  $200.00 $300.00 
 Flash Position # 3  Width 218px - Height 218 px  $185.00 $280.00 
 Flash Position # 5  Width 218px - Height 218 px  $150.00 $225.00 


Notes applicable to advertising on the Web Site: 

  • The top flash positions, sold as “Prime” advertising options, are limited to only 3 positions.  These positions will be filled by contract on a first come basis.  Adverting contracts will be limited to a maximum contract of 60 days and are only renewable for the same position, if no other requests have been placed for the same position.
  • Upon completion of a contract for a Prime position, you can place a request for a subsequent Prime position.
  • No more than one of these Prime positions can be held by any member at one time, unless no other requests are pending.
  • Requests for Prime flash positions must be made in writing by email to cppc@claimsnet.org and will be maintained in order of receipt and filled as positions become available.

  • Payment for web advertising must be received before the ad can go live.

  • Ads should be submitted in “jpg” format and appropriately sized

  • No limits will be placed on number of flash ads in any designated area.

  • Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Please email the CPPC office with your desire to advertise.

Note:  These rates are reduced by 50% for any member that is advertising in the CPPC Claims Journal at the same time.