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Other Side of the Desk by Dan Manning

July 2011 - The Day We Filed a ClaimDan Manning File Folder

June 2011 - A Death on Chamber Street

May 2011 - Boy, I sure wish I had your job!

April 2011 - The Final Touch

March 2011 - Answering Those Tough Questions

February 2011 - Getting in is Often More Difficult than Getting Out

January 2011 - The Two Colonels

December 2010 - Stormey Monday

November 2010 - When the Cart Pulls the HorseDan Manning Logo

October 2010 - Is Your Toilet Paper Roll Shrinking?

September 2010 - Sometimes it's all About the Work

August 2010 - Summer Time Blues

July 2010 - Land of the Lost

June 2010 - So, you think you know it all?

May 2010 - A Tale of 2 Perceptions

April 2010 - No More Broken Lamps In My House!

March 2010 - Spending a Little Quality Time

February 2010 - Opps! They Did It Again, or maybe the title of this article should be "My Moral Dilema"

January 2010 - International Claims 101