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CPPC 2019 Convention Schedule

                                      CPPC 2019 Convention Schedule

        September 23rd - 24th, 2019

         The Brown Hotel - Louisville, KY

Sunday, September 22nd 

  3:00 -   5:30 pm      Pre-Board Meeting (Open to Membership) 

Monday, September 23rd   

  8:00 - 11:00 am      Optional Sessions  

                                  Military Round Table - Moderator - Dori Bledsoe - Eagle Claims Service 
                                                                         Panel: David Jones - USTRANSCOM
Beth Holloway -
                                                                                     Keith Well
- US Army Claims Service
                                                                                     Julie A. Snyder - US Army Claims Service
                                                                                     JD Klein - US Army Claims Service
                                                                                     Carnita Farve - US Air Force
Virginia Eilmus - Office of Judge Advocate General

                                  Army Claims Service members in attendance: Chris Barber, Jeff Carson, Jenny
                                  Cousineau, Linda Ditroia, Mark Edick , Vickie Gamble, Alex Glidewell, Chuck Hibbs,
                                  James Holliman, Andrell Jackson, Jennifer Kreiztin, Kyle Link, Annette Lucas,
                                  Anthony Pachniak, Ally Reese, Dana Smith, James Thompson, Carlos Washington,
                                  Crystal Worley, Dana Yeary and Linwood Young. 
                                  Doris Brummer - US Arny Claims Service - Europe

                                  Repair Only Session  
                                  8 AM - 9:30 AM              Leather Repair "Hands On Training"
                                                                          Moderator - Sue Harman - Guardsman Pro Series
                                                                          ( Demonstration and repair leather yourself! )

                                   9:45 AM - 11 AM           Open DiscussionTopics from the Floor Welcomed
                                                                          Moderator - Ron Rogers - Southwest Resources
                                                                          Panel: Bill See - See Restorations Unltd, Inc.
                                                                                     Bill Ferguson - Furniture Medic by Ferguson
                                                                                     Dan Ashworth - Jumping Creek Restoration
                                                                                     Adam Osborn - AHM Furniture Service
                                                                          Rookie Mistakes, Turnover in the Industry, Repairing previous
                                                                          poor repairs, busy season & Inspection Report inclusions

12:00 -  1:00 pm      Registration Open 

12:15 - 12:45            Newbies (Board Introduction and Welcome Newbies) 

  1:00 -   1:30            Opening General Session
                                    National Anthem
                                    CPPC President’s Address-Debbie Morales
                                    Housekeeping Details 

  1:30 -  2:30              Introduction Game 

  2:30 -  2:45              Break 

  2:45 -  3:45              Latest on International & Military Moves
                                    Guest Speaker
: Chuck White, President, IAM 

   3:45 - 4:00              Break  

   4:00 - 5:00              Antiques Roadshow - Brenda Murray, ISA – At Your Service Appraisals
                                     (Email Brenda pictures and descriptions to brenda@urservice.net for the possibility
                                      to have your property chosen to be appraised. Item does need to be available for the 

Tuesday, September 24th  

  8:00 -   9:00 am        Breakfast  

  9:00 -   9:30              Town Hall Meeting 

  9:30 - 10:30              Changes Over the Years
Guest Speaker: Mike Hodges – President, Armstrong Relocation, Louisville, KY  

10:30 - 10:45              Break

10:45 - 11:45              Prevention-Quality Control
Bill See, See Restorations Unltd, Inc.
                                    Panel: Ron Rogers - Southwest Resources
                                    John Ashworth - Jumping Creek Restoration
                                    Adam Osborn - AHM Furniture Service
                                    What was damaged, how can we prevent this damage, recognizing pre-existing 
                                     damages, labor issues, hiring temps to unload etc.
11:45 -   1:00 pm       Lunch 

  1:00 -   1:45             Game Show - Movie Trivia Game 

  1:45 -   2:00              Break 

  2:00 -   3:00              TAL- Tuesday Afternoon Live
What does each company need from you?
                                    How are they different and how are they all the same?
                                    ModeratorAlan Jobe - CPPC Executive Director
                                    GuestsBrenda McCandless – Atlas World Group, Inc.
                                                   Natalie Harrison – Eagle Adjusting
                                                   Pam Johnson – National Claims Service
                                                   Steve Smetko – SIRVA
                                                   Eric Vaughn - Suddath Government Services
                                                   Denice Valluzzi – UNIRISC, Inc.
                                                   Chuck Russell – UniGroup
                                                   Laura Pung – Wheaton, Bekins, Stevens, Clark & Reid 

  3:00 -   3:15              Break 

  3:15 -   4:00              Coffee with Taryn & Friends -
                                    Moderator: Taryn Rogers - Southwest Resources
                                    Panel: April Kimball - Tier One Relocation, LLC
                                               David Clair - Clair Furniture Restoration
                                               Mackenzie Osborn - AHM Furniture Service
                                    (Where to find replacement parts, hardware, chandelier parts & repairing unusual 

  4:00 -   4:15              Convention Wrap Up  

  4:30 -   5:30              Post Board Meeting – (Open to Membership)  

  6:30 – 10:00              Closing Reception…Off to the Races
Buy or make your favorite fancy Derby Hat. Women, the more elaborate the better.
                                    Men, you can sport your favorite fedora and/or bow tie. Prizes will be awarded.  
                                    Dinner, Blue Grass Music Entertainment and a cash bar will be available. 

Wednesday, September 25th 

  8:45 am – 4:00 pm   Optional Day Trip to Fort Knox
Hosted by Keith Well - US Army Claims Service Director
                                    (Tour of Fort Knox and lunch at the facility, meet and greet with office staff)