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Optional Sessions-9/23

CPPC 2019 Convention
Pre-Convention Optional Sessions
* * Monday – September 23rd, 2019   8AM – 11AM * *


Pre-Convention sessions are being offered to CPPC members at no additional cost to CPPC 2019 Convention attendees.  Don’t miss out on this additional opportunity to gain additional information or working processes that can enhance your work performance.  These sessions will be held at the CPPC 2019 Convention host hotel during the AM hours on Monday, September 23rd from 8AM to 11AM. 

                                                            Sessions being offered:

Military Round Table Discussion Group 8AM – 11AM

ModeratorDori Bledsoe – Eagle Claims Service
Panel: Keith Well -
US Army Claims Service
David Jones - USTRANSCOM
Beth Holloway - USTRANSCOM
Carnita Farve - US Air Force
Virginia Eilmus - Office of Judge Advocate General

US Army Claims Service has advised the following will be in attendance for Military Round Table: Mark Edick, Julie Snyder, Jerome Klein, Chris Barber, Jeff Carson, Jenny Cousineau, Linda Ditroia, Vickie Gamble, Alex Glidewell, Chuck Hibbs, James Holliman, Andrell Jackson, Jennifer Kreiztin, Kyle Link, Annette Lucas, Anthony Pachniak, Ally Reese, Dana Smith, James Thompson, Carlos Washington, Crystal Worley, Dana Yeary and Linwood Young.       

                                                                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Repair Only Session - 8AM to 11AM
Leather Repair "Hands On Training"  - 8 AM - 9:30 AM 

Moderator - Sue Harman - Guardsman Pro Series
                           ( Demonstration and repair leather yourself! )

Open DiscussionTopics from the Floor Welcomed - 9:45 AM - 11 AM

     Moderator - Ron Rogers - Southwest Resources
                          Rookie Mistakes, Turnover in the Industry, Repairing previous poor repairs, busy 
                          season & Inspection Report inclusions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Optional Lunch

As the official start of the convention does not begin until 12 Noon with the opening of registration, Monday’s lunch is not part of your convention registration.  The hotel does offer a lunch buffet and off the menu ordering that will be available for your convenience.