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CPPC 2022 Board Election Process Information

                     CPPC Board Election Process Information
CPPC 2022 Board Election

The Election process will be followed for our 2020 Board Election as outlined in the CPPC By Laws and CPPC Policies.  This year we have 5 positions open for election onto the Board.  Three positions will be for a 3 year term, 1 position for a 2 year term and 1 position for a 1 year term. The nomination committee being chaired by Pam Johnson – National Claims Services, Inc.pam.johnson@ncsclaims.com and Denice Valluzzi – UNIRISC, Inc dvalluzzi@unirisc.com along with Joanne Hart from Manning Claim Services, LLC will be seeking nominees for these positions.  If you are interested in being nominated for one of the openings, we urge you to reach out to the nominating committee or any member of the current CPPC Board.  However, we urge anyone considering running for a Board Seat; to understand the role and the duties associated with being on the Board.  There is a time commitment that one must understand and be willing to accept. A sample of the CPPC Board Nominee Application is on the next page and available digitally on the CPPC web site under the CPPC 2022 Workshop Event Header.

Election Process:

A formalized version of the Board of Directors and the election process can be found within the CPPC By Laws and CPPC Policies under the “membership” tab in the top margin of the CPPC web site. Below is an abbreviated version that outlines the election and the process. 

CPPC Election

The Board of Directors is available for all CPPC Members in good standing for at least 1 year, must have attended a workshop or convention in the previous 2 years and must put forth a resume or application to the Nominating Committee or CPPC office

There are 15 Directors (6 of which are designated seats - 5 for Moving Carriers and 1 for Insurance). The 9 remaining “At Large” seats are elected representatives that serve a 3 year term.

The Nominating Committee, appointed by the Board, puts forth the Candidates consisting of at least 1 CPPC Member for each seat available. Additional Nominees can be put forth by being placed in writing to the CPPC Office at least 7 days prior to Election, but 5 seconds are still required.

The Board of Directors is responsible for decisions that make the CPPC move forward. There are Board Meetings to attend prior and post every CPPC Event. Also, there may be a need for additional meetings throughout the year.

Once the List of Nominees has been determined, a vote by eligible CPPC members will be held. The election does occur at the annual Workshop Meeting.  The eligible CPPC Member must be present at the meeting to vote.  No proxy votes are permitted. The results will be counted by the Nominating Committee and announced prior to the close of the meeting.

The names of all Nominees will be listed in front of the group.  Once the list is compiled, each Nominee will be given the opportunity to speak briefly, describing who they are and why they want to serve on the board.

The actual process of the election will take place during the Annual Workshop as outlined in the Schedule. The actual process of the election is outlined as follows:

The Election/Voting Process

  • Nominees from the Nominating Committee are presented in front of the Membership
  • If there are more Nominees than open positions on the Board; the Candidates will be given the opportunity to speak briefly, advising why they would like to serve on the Board
  • Once completed, or if there are not more Nominees than open positions, an ask of “All For” and then “All Opposed” can be done to complete the process. Otherwise a written ballot will be used
  • Then ask that the Ballots be handed out. Each eligible member in good standing is entitled to one Vote
  • All Ballots will be collected, and the Election is closed
  • Those elected to the Board will be announced once all ballots are counted and as outlined in the schedule of events

If you have any questions on the process or want more info on being on the CPPC Board, please do not hesitate to contact the Nomination Committee or any member of the CPPC Board.  We look forward to a successful election in the spring. See you in Indianapolis, IN.

CPPC Board Nominee Application is available under separate tab.  Or select this link.