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Optional Meetings

Optional Meetings:
Military Roundtable and Repair Only Meeting.

Due to popular demand and the need sometimes for extra time to discuss topics; we offer optional meetings outside the regular Workshop Schedule to accommodate our attendee needs.  This year we will again be offering two optional meetings on Friday April 20th from 8AM to 11AM. 

There is no additional charge to attend these meeting.

Military Round Table Discussion Group - Moderator:  Dori Bledsoe

We anticipate the participation of Military brass and are awaiting their final commitments on how many are coming.  The following have committed they will be attending:

                                                Virginia Elmus - U.S Navy
                                                Bernadette Parker - U. S. Coast Guard

                                                J.D. Reese – U.S. Air Force
                                                Keith Well – U.S. Army
                                                Jeffrey Carson – U.S. Army
                                                Jennifer Cousineau – U. S. Army
                                                Vickie Gamble – U. S. Army
                                                Jerome (JD) Klein – U. S. Army
                                                Ally Reese - U. S. Army 
USTranscom - David E. Jones
                                                USTranscom - Michael McCaw
                                                USTranscom - Devorah Teague

The Military Round Tables have proven very popular in the past few years, allowing everyone a chance to discuss topics of interest or concern in the military claims processing sector.  Industry leaders are always among attendees to share in the discussion. As soon as we know any Military representatives have committed to attend we will add that information to the web site and future publications on this item. Your experiences may help others as you learn from

Repair Only Session - Moderator: Chris Armes

Diversifying: “Let’s network and discuss options like Home Advisor & Signpost”

The Repair Only session has also proven to be very popular among our repair vendors.  It has allowed for a wide array of education and discussion amongst repair vendor attendees.  Sharing by everyone can benefit the group and with the other side of the table not present, it allows for frank conversations when needed.  As details of content are made available for this year’s session, we will share on the CPPC web site and future CPPC Claims Journal editions. Definitely something to plan for when making your arrival plans.

Optional Lunch for Friday April 20th

Due to the tight schedule that this event makes for those that are attending this and the opening of the Workshop. We have made special arrangements with the hotel to offer a lunch buffet for our attendees.  Otherwise this option is not available.  If you are interested in participating in this optional lunch, you will need to register ahead of time for proper counts. You will pay at the door but will be held accountable for the reservation if you make it and choose not to attend.  This option will not be available without pre-reserving so the hotel can plan accordingly. All those registered will be contacted prior to the event to see if they want to reserve a spot for lunch.  Thank you for your cooperation.

This pre-reserved lunch that includes buffet, dessert, drink, tax and tip is $30.00