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Optional Sessions - CPPC 2023 Convention

               Optional Sessions- CPPC 2023 Convention
                                            Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club
                                                         September 22nd
                                                8AM - 11AM or 9AM - 11AM

        Military Roundtable; Repair Only Meeting or Carrier, Agent & Insurance Meeting

Due to popular demand and the need sometimes for extra time to discuss topics; we offer optional meetings outside the regular Schedule to accommodate our attendee needs.  The Military Round Table will be from 8AM to 11AM and the other two sessions will be from 9AM to 11AM.

There is no additional charge to attend these meetings. However, we are seeking sponsorship for these meetings. Details available under separate cover.
Military roundtable branch logos

Military Round Table Discussion Group
Moderator: Michael Czarnecki – National Claims Service
                Panel:  Carnita Farve - US Air force Claims Service Center
                *** Updated as Military confirms their attendance

The Military Round Tables have proven very popular in the past few years, allowing everyone a chance to discuss topics of interest or concern in the military claims processing sector. Military representatives committing to attend, we will add that information to the web site and future publications on this item.

Repair Only pic 1
Repair Only Session
Moderator: Mimi Magdolen - Weathersby Guild San Antonio/Austin

The Repair Only session has also proven to be very popular among our repair vendors.  It has allowed for a wide array of education and discussion amongst repair vendor attendees.  Sharing by everyone can benefit the group and with the other side of the table not present.  It allows for frank conversations when needed.  As details of content are made available for this year’s session, we will share it on the CPPC web site and future CPPC Claims Journal editions.

Repair Only pic 2
Carrier, Agent & Insurance Meeting
                 Moderator: Jean Ann Read - Graebel Companies

The Carrier, Agent & Insurance Meeting is an opportunity for attendees to get together and discuss topics they are facing on a daily basis.  What is the day-to-day challenges faced in the office?  How do we retain your employees?  What are the biggest obstacles you are facing in the office in training and communication with each other, your customers and vendor? What tools are you using to process your files most efficiently? All of these could be
some of the topics discussed.  The actual content is up to those in attendance and participating.