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Floor Repair

Floor Repair

by Kent Weathersby of The Weathersby Guild

  Picture 1                                                            Picture 2   

Picture 1: Water damage to an oak floor in foyer in a new home.

Picture 2: The damaged planks are sawn lengthwise with two saw cuts avoiding the adjacent planks at each end.

   Picture 3                                                          Picture 4

Picture 3: The saw cuts are extended to the end of the planks with a sharp blade and a hammer.

Picture 4: The center is removed which allows the entire plank to be removed, the tongue and groove having been relieved. 

    Picture 5                                                             Picture 6

Picture 5: The site is cleaned thoroughly and a layer of adhesive is applied.

Picture 6: A replacement plank is seated into the site.  Ideally, the plank will be original stock if the floor is pre-finished. 

    Picture 7                                                             Picture 8

Picture 7: If the pre-finished stock is not available, or if the floor is not pre-finished, stain and finish preferrably with water based stain and polyurethane.

Picture 8: Finshed project.

Kent Weathersby