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Web Site Tutorial

We hope that you find the web site easy to navigate through.  We thought we would give our users a few guide tips just to minimize any problems.  We welcome your feedback as we continue to add more detail and features to the site.


Most highlighted words are hyperlinks:  Example: "Email the CPPC".  Clicking on "CPPC" will open an email form. 

Some pages do require you to sign in as a member. This includes the "Members" section and the following tabs under the "Membership" section: Journals/Newsletters, New Members, Standardized Forms and Vendor Supplier Listing.

Pages are set to not open within a new window. To navigate from a page, select the back arrow or another tab selection.

Under the "Members" section you will have the ability to search members by name, by state and by the previous service zip option.  New search features include searching by type of service and a separate mileage search option.  A new feature of this new search option, you can actually search using two of the type features; meaning you can search by state and type of service at the same time, or zip coverage area and type of service. This added feature should help narrow your selection results to better serve your needs.  A mileage search option is under a different tab and allows you to search for members in connection to where you need service. 

There is a notes section on each page of the "Members" section to assist you with options.

The revised "Members" section also allows you the option to update your own profile.  (This feature is limited to members after their 1st year of membership.) Your sign-in will only give you access to the primary profile that the sign-in is tied to.  If you happen to have branch profiles, you will have to have separate id's for each branch profile to be able to update on your own. Please contact the CPPC office to set id's and passwords for any branch profiles. Updates to any profile can still be done by the CPPC office.  If you want the CPPC office to update your profile, it is recommended to email any updates for accuracy and confirmation once completed.

Note:  Any updates performed by a member are recorded and the CPPC office is notified of the changes for final approval.  Anyone abusing this feature or inputting inappropriate information into their profile, will have this privilege removed.

Updating your Profile: again updating is totally optional and not required.  However, it is recommended that everyone check their profile periodically and that of others.  Your profile can make the difference in you getting an assignment.  It needs to reflect all the services you offer, so that members do not have to speculate.  Let them know up front.  It could make the difference if you are called for an assignment or not.  Take a moment to make sure that the "Zip area", the "Service area" and the "Notes/Services" areas are complete.  As these are all searchable areas, make sure you list things correctly and concise, especially in the "Services" area.  List all forms of repair work that you do so they will come up in searches.

New members have the ability to fill out a membership form and send in or simply register on-line and submit.  These options are found in the Members or Membership sections.

Search Options: Various search options are available throughout the system.  For the first couple of weeks, searching paremeters will be limited as google gathers through the various segments of our site.  We are advised that it takes some set-up time with the various pdf versions of our Newsletters and Journals.  Once it is complete, you should be able to search articles by content and authors.

Journals/Newsletters: can be found under the "Membership" section.  There you will be able to select a past edition of the CPPC Claims Journal or previous Claims Newsletter and view the entire publication.

 Prevention: This new section of our web site, is a contribution from the Progressive Claim Prevention Committee.  Through a partnership with this committee, we will be providing current claim prevention information and products that can assist in claim prevention. This section allows you to funnel information direct to this committee for their review, research and comment.  With their Slogan,  " If your not getting better, your getting worse.", you can contribute to our mutual goal of prevention and improvement.

 Give us your feed back at cppc@claimsnet.org