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Board Election Info & Application

                  CPPC Board Election info and Application

The CPPC Board of Directors will again be hosting elections for open CPPC Board positions during the CPPC 2023 Workshop.  Election chairs this cycle are Pam Johnson with National Claims Services and Chuck Russell with UniGroup, Inc. Information on the Board Election can be found in the CPPC By Laws or Policies and also on the Board Application Form accessible through the link below. You can contact either of the Election chairs or the CPPC office with any questions or further information. The actual election will take place at the CPPC 2023 Workshop. 

The CPPC Board of Directors are made up of 15 CPPC members.  6 of the positions are set positions with 5 held by Moving members and 1 held by an Insurance member.  The remaining 9 seats are elected on a 3 year rotation basis. There will be 3 seats open for election in 2023. Board members hold a non-payment position.

Running for a Board of Director position is a great way to become engaged in the CPPC association and assist in the continuing build of its future.  The Board is always looking for new energy and ideas.  It does involve your attendance at the Pre and Post Board Meetings at the Workshop and Convention, along with some virtual board meetings as well throughout the year.  The actual time commitment is limited in all due respect.  But as the saying goes; you more out of it, the more you put into it.  So, engagement is the hope for anyone that is considering participation in the Board.

Board Election Details:

As stated in the CPPC Policies and Procedures under the “CPPC Election Procedures:

The Nominating Committee assigned by the Board puts forth the Candidates consisting of at least 1 CPPC Member for each seat available.  A nominee can also be put forth in writing to the Office 7 days prior to Election, but 5 seconds are required.

Candidates – Anyone seeking a Board position must be a member in good standing for at least 1 year.  They must have attended a workshop or convention in the previous 2 years.  A resume’ or application must be completed and submitted to the Election Committee or CPPC Office for consideration at the time the party asks to be considered as a candidate.

Full details on the Board can be found in the CPPC By Laws & CPPC Policies and Procedures.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pam at pam.johnson@ncsclaims.com, Chuck at chuck_russell@unigroup.com or the CPPC office at cppc@claimsnet.org with any questions you may have on the Board elections.  

If interested please complete the Board Application below or click on the highlighted name below to retrieve a word document:  

CPPC Board Nominee Application 

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Company: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Number of years as a CPPC Member: _______________________________________

Last CPPC event you attended: _____________________________________________

What you believe you can bring to the CPPC Board: _________________________________________________

Are you aware of any Conflicts of Interest that would prevent you from serving on the CPPC Board?


                                                                                                                        (signature required)

Have you read, understand and willing to sign the Code of Ethics Document required to be signed by a CPPC Board member each calendar year?


                                                                                                                        (signature required)

Have you read and understand the CPPC By Laws and Policies pertaining to being a member of the CPPC Board?


                                                                                                                        (signature required)

Do you understand, acknowledge and are willing to commit to the time needed to be a member of the CPPC Board?   

                                                                                Yes ________________________________________________

                                                                                                                        (signature required)

Signature:______________________________________            Date:_____________________________________

Board Application