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Exhibit Tables - CPPC 2023 Workshop

Exhibit Space Anyone?
It’s A Great Way To Be Seen!

We are again allowing exhibit space at our CPPC 2023 Workshop.  The general Exhibit Area proves to be quite the place to be each year.  Exhibit space will be in the main foyer, in the hub of all activities, and will be open at specified times outlined in the Workshop Schedule, including during the Demo segment.    

Exhibit Spaces are a great opportunity for exhibitors to visit with the attendees while marketing their business.  Members come to your space rather than you trying to catch up with them throughout the event. Market the best you in person. Exhibitors are permitted to offer a prize by means of a raffle at their table. 

The cost for exhibiting is a very reasonable $175.00 per space for a registered attendee and $350.00 per space for a non-registered attendee. A 2 x 6 draped table is provided for your convenience.  If anything additional is needed, please let us know at the time of registration and we will do our best to accommodate.  

To secure an “Exhibit Space”, go to the Workshop Registration page at www.claimsnet.org or in a current CPPC Claims Journal.
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Exhibit Table pic 3Exhibit Table pic 2