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CPPC 2011 Convention Pictures

Camera ManCPPC 2011 Convention Pictures

If you have any pictures from the event that you would care to share, please forward to the CPPC mailbox at cppc@claimsnet.org  

 Select photo or  click on wording below pic to get a collection of photos to view.  Once you have accessed the grouping you can activate the pictures  by selecting this icon Power point icon to view as a slide show or view individually.

lead pic group 1PICT 1

      Picture Grouping "1"                                                                Picture Grouping "2"

PICT 3                                    PICT 4

       Picture Grouping "3"                                                                      Picture Grouping "4"

PICT 5                                  Pict 6

        Picture Grouping "5"                                                                    Picture Grouping "6"

pict 7                                 PICT 8

         Picture Grouping "7"                                                                     Picture Grouping "8"


           Picture Grouping "9"