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Progressive Claim Prevention


favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

Progressive Claim Prevention Committee

This committee is comprised of industry experts representing moving companies, third party service and crating industry and furniture repair and is a partner with CPPC.

Their goal is to identify and address repetitive claim issues and offer a best practice, an innovative method or even possibly a product available that may reduce these costly issues. Their approach is to ascertain new problems and offer valid solutions through the sharing of information. They are not endorsing a company or its products throught their presentation of information.


       No Policy, Product or Service is Bullet Proof

      Our research and presentations are not implying that any of the best practices,      innovative approaches or products found on this web site are a "bullet proof" means      of performing services. The information provided is a way to share past experiences  from others and offer suggestions to avoid future claim issues. This committee is  looking for feedback from our members. Did you find the information useful? Is there additional information that we neglected to mention? Please be specific  as to why an approach did or did not work for you. Your feedback is sought at the end of this page.

When responding,. please keep these thoughts in mind:

  • No matter how well you train an individual, you cannot be over his/her shoulder every minute of the day to ensure the job is being done properly.
  • No matter how well a crate is made or a box is packed it can still be dropped and mishandled.
  • No matter how effective a product is, if not used properly it will not work.
  • No matter how flawless a repair job is, the customer will always see that repaired spot--and some will never be satisfied.

Our Goal and Belief - "If you're not getting better, you are getting worse."

If we choose to live with the status quo, then nothing will change. Our goal is to educate, innovate and communicate a better way of protecting items and property that may not have been tried before or is a new issue that the industry is now facing.

We can fix it before it gets broken.

Prevention is a key word in our CPPC Name and we take it very seriously.  This committee, that have agreed to act as liasons for this division of our goals and website, are interested in your feedback as stated.  They are eager to assist, research and present prevention techniques and suggestions to assist in the betterment of our industry and our membership.  If you have questions or suggestions for this division, please email them to the CPPC office with the subject line of "Prevention" or use the form provided below.  We will see that it is forwarded on to the committee for review and response.  Any suggestions presented in this area are simply that and are not set procedures for the industry as a whole nor is it an endorsement for any of the companies or their products. .