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Claims Prevention & Procedure Council

CPPC is an active, non-profit organization of claims professionals in the moving and storage industry; and professional service providers such as furniture repair professionals, appraisers, and adjusters. 

Our Services


CPPC offers a variety of benefits and resources to its members to help them prevent claims and handle them efficiently:

Claims Prevention Education

CPPC provides education and training to members to help them prevent claims before they happen.

Industry Networking

CPPC provides opportunities for members to network with other professionals in the moving/storage and claims industry.

Industry Resources

CPPC provides members with access to a variety of resources to help them with their claims, including industry news, research, and best practices.

Claims Handling Training

CPPC offers training to members on how to efficiently handle claims when they do occur.


"I was introduced to this industry over 30 years ago.  I began attending CPPC Workshops and Conventions in 2011 and have come back every year!   The value of learning from others that work in the same industry is priceless.  Every event I learn something new and CPPC continues to give me new things to look forward to!  The relationships and connections that have developed over the years have resulted in continued success for my business.  The feedback that is received at the live events has allowed a better understanding of what my clients want in return from me.  Together this has resulted with members that have become friends and friends that feel like family."

HEIDI WATTIER - Skyline Renovation, Inc.

Alexa Young, CA

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