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Membership Terms



Anyone in the Moving and Storage industry is welcome to join.  And any service provider who is involved in claims handling and processing is welcome to join.   Any related organization is welcome to join.  In short, anyone concerned with, and interested in moving and storage claims is more than welcome to join!

Major benefits include the monthly CPPC Claims Journal, an annual convention &  workshop and a "Roster of Members" searchable electronically.   Moving and storage industry members can network with one another for claims advice, education and to locate top repair firms through our Members data base with multiple search options and mileage qualifier under the "Members" tab on the CPPC website at www.claimsnet.org.

Dues effective Jan 1, 2018 are. . . .

International Members

$165 first year; $330 thereafter

Van Lines, with agency network

$165 first year; $330 thereafter

Moving/Storage Companies, Insurance Companies, Independent Adjusters

$115 first year; $230 thereafter

All Vendors

$102.50 first year; $205 thereafter

Branch location *** or extra members at same address

$50 first year and also thereafter


***Note: Vendors providing zip codes for service area coverage and search options on the web can only list zip codes within their state of origin.  Any zip codes for other state coverage areas must be listed via a branch location listing for that state.  There will be a charge for each additional branch location as outlined in the dues schedule above.

To register as a new member, you can either select the "Members" tab at the top fo the web site and it will take you the option of "New Member Registration"  in the left hand margin of that web page or you can select this link Membership Form On-Line and your membership information will be loaded into the system and await approval for activation.